Gunnar E is showing off … once again

Demo-/soundtrack showing the use of three different acoustic guitar sound-alike pieces of software. I used Picked Nylon as well as Strummed Acoustic 2 from Native Instruments, plus Strum Guitar from WavesFactory. 

Also I used impOSCar 2 from GForce, Felt Piano from Spitfire Audio, Postcard Piano from Teletone Audio, the acoustic Bass for EZBass by Toontrack, plus their Superior Drummer 3 , along with there different presets from the marvellous synth THORN by Dmitry Sches. 

The lead guitar (played by hand) is my trusted old Stratocaster look-alike, which I built myself, and it’s recorded via a SansAmp GT2. The delay is the fantastic Other Deserted Cities by Audio Damage, and the reverb is Audio Ease Altiverb using the IR from the oiltank in Inchindown, Scotland. This is probably the longest reverb in the world! For the lead track I used the medium setting, ”only” 241 seconds. Enjoy!

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